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Cosmetic Gynecology

Vaginal plastic surgery: does it affect the sensitivity of the area?


5 γυναίκες μιλούν σύντομα και περιεκτικά για τις δραστικές αλλαγές που έφερε η Αιδοιοπλαστική στη ζωή τους.Τα νούμερα φυσικά το επιβεβαιώνουν.

Vaginal plastic surgery: does it affect the sensitivity of the area?2020-04-24T13:35:19+03:00

What does “G” in “G-Spot” mean?


Becky asks: What does “G” in “G-spot” mean? “G” in G-Spot means “Gräfenberg”, named after the famous gynecologist Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg, who gave it its name and also invented the first Ring IUD birth control device, known as the “Gräfenberg ring”. Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg was born in Germany on September 18, 1881 and was awarded his PhD on March 10, 1905. He undertook gynecology in Berlin from 1910 and was soon named Head of the Gynecology department at the University of Berlin. Due to his Jewish origins, Gräfenberg was forced to resign from the University when Hitler gained power in [...]

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Female Urinary Incontinence


Urinary incontinence is an issue for a considerable number of aging women. But it is not an issue to feel bad about, as Cosmetic Gynecology offers solutions to deal with this concern. Where is it due and how is it addressed? It is a gynecological issue which has always been affecting many women. But the truth is that only during recent years have women began to talk more freely about urinary incontinence and seek a solution to this issue that can seriously affect their everyday life and downgrade their quality of life. It is worth noting that is [...]

Female Urinary Incontinence2019-06-24T13:10:11+03:00

The Great Wall of Vagina


Women’s genitals have always been a source of fascination, they have been celebrated during recent years, but they have also been the source of much confusion. British artist Jamie McCartney has been occupied with this delicate subject and he created a monumental wall sculpture delving into the most intimate part of the female body. The Great Wall of Vagina project began almost five years ago and it has sparked a global, positive response from women worldwide, who volunteered in order to be cast and participate. His work consists of a nine-meter long, multi-paneled installation which comprises four hundred, unique [...]

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Feel like a woman again after motherhood


Every woman who becomes a mother is still a woman. However, this is sometimes easier said than done. A woman becoming a mother faces many changes, besides welcoming her baby – this precious gift that she suddenly holds in her arms and must learn to love and take care of. She faces change not only in her manner of thinking and in her psychology. She must often adjust to a new body, which usually has few resemblances with the one she had before giving birth. Sometimes due to excessive pounds after pregnancy, there is relaxation on her body [...]

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Why does it hurt when I ride the bike?


Most people cannot imagine that certain everyday activities such as riding the bike or taking a stroll with a scooter can be painful to some women. But why is that? There is a group of women who, when riding the bike or performing other kinds of exercise with pressure between the buttocks, feel an annoying – often unbearable – pain in the genitals area. Some believe it is normal and the only solution they can resort to is avoiding these activities. What they do not know is that intense pain is not normal – although common among a [...]

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Are you facing urinary incontinence ?


In order to deal with the problem of urinary incontinence before it intensifies, it is important for you to educate yourself, so that you can learn how to deal with its symptoms, even when they are not severe. You may often consider that one or two unfortunate incidents of urinary incontinence are not linked with health issues and you tend to hide them, considering that it will not happen again. However, in order to make sure that you are not facing urinary incontinence, the best thing that you can do is to visit a specialized doctor. Through a [...]

Are you facing urinary incontinence ?2019-06-24T12:27:24+03:00