Five most common problems faced by women

During my 30 yr experience as an Obs/ Gyn surgeon, I have come across a wide variety of female patients and listened to their concerns. Although these gynecological issues are many, they can fortunately be handled with success, using minimally invasive techniques. The most common which come with ageing are

  1. vaginal hypelaxity (“loose vagina”)
  2. decreased genital sensation, especially during intercourse
  3. urinary stress incontinence (“leaky bladder”)
  4. dyspareunia (painful intercourse) and
  5. genital appearance dissatisfaction (“vaginal dysmorphia”).

As a surgeon but also a passionate humanist, I wanted to always give an excellent result to my patients, while at the same solve their suffering with minimal downtime. I have hence optimized most of my therapeutic methods under the supervision of Professor Ostrenski, a well renowned surgeon, whose techniques are state of the art in gynecology. I am therefore glad to reassure you that as your gynecologist, I will be able to handle with care and success, not only the above mentioned common health issues, but also, everything else that may not be in this short list of gynecological problems.

Vaginal Dysmorphia


Urinary Stress Incontinence

Sexual Dysfunction

Loose Vagina