Vagina Designer Concept

What does “Vagina Designer” mean?

All women want to feel confident in their body and like themselves in and out of their clothes. For most areas of the body, they do not hesitate to seek for medical advice on their concerns, like breast or thighs. But most of them stay silent for concerns about their “intimate” area.

The skin and the tissue in the labia and vagina respond similarly to the aging process as in any other part of the human body. It can become lax, loose, dry, wrinkled and saggy as time goes by. Adding heredity and childbirth can make things even worse.

Since some years ago, surgery was the only option for a woman wanting to change the appearance and tightness of her vagina or her labia. But not any more. Dr.Naoum and his team are offering, besides top results in labiaplasty or vaginoplasty, safe and non-invasive treatment options to shrink, tighten and improve the appearance of woman’s “intimate” area with minimal discomfort and no downtime. In other words, they scientifically re-design the area.

Designer Vagina Concept
Rising Popularity

“Vagina Designer” – The new holistic concept

Cosmetic Gynecology is the booming trend in plastic surgery

Cosmetic Gynecology
is the booming trend
in plastic surgery

Cosmetic Gynecology is ranked very high amongst the top cosmetic procedures. In an environment of a two billion $ worldwide, Labiaplasty & Labia Reduction are the top 2 procedures in growth year over year.
Moreover, active women of young age make a big group of the total patients seeking to improve the appearance of the “intimate” area. Most of their concerns can fortunately be handled with success, using the right combination of surgical procedures as well as minimally invasive techniques. A “Vagina Designer“ can guide them to the treatment plan that respond to their wants and aspirations, in the safest and most effective way.

Why the rise?

Why the rise?

Women have eventually realized that cosmetic gynecology goes far beyond a “taboo”. It entails all the procedures that can offer women the necessary solutions for their concerns that have been “muted” for many years. The huge surge of women looking for solutions for their “intimate” area seek for good aesthetic results as well as functional relief from anatomical issues that disturb their normal, day-to-day activities.

What is normal?
What is normal?

What is normal?

Do women realise bad and acknowledge good? Do they really seek for treatments because they feel that their vagina is not normal or they do it to please others – their partner perhaps? Is it them who do not like what they see or are they imposed by external influencing factors?

In “The Perfect Vagina” documentary some very interesting findings are presented: Women opt for this type of procedures either because they have been teased by a person close to them to observe their “intimate” area look or just because they consider the area to be looking abnormal.
Interestingly enough, it seems that women may be fully aware of the plastic surgery procedures available but at the same time, they are not fully aware of what “normal” really represents.

Popular procedures for the face have contributed to the booming trend for cosmetic gynecology. The thinking behind this is simple for a woman: Since I can do thing to improve the look of my face why shouldn’t I do the same for my genitals?

The role of pornography

The rapid development and rise of the porn industry nowadays, has led many women in this industry to choose cosmetic surgery in the sensitive area for a more attractive appearance. It is not uncommon for women in this industry to have highly airbushed genitals, which are also smaller and often tucked in. Consequently, the perception of what is normal gets clouded.

People in this industry believe that pornography is indeed a significant reason for the rise of Cosmetic Gynecology, as many girls tend to feel that their body is flawed compared to what they see. Unfortunately, at the same time, men endorse this perception as they expect the appearance of every woman and her “intimate” area to be identical with that of a porn star.

That is where the medical opinion of an experienced surgeon is needed. The specialized Gynecologist, the “Vagina Designer”, should play his part by consulting women on what is essential for them and what are the real needs of their “intimate” area. Moreover, he must explore the inner motivation for each woman seeking for this kind of procedure and only offer the proper procedures.

Designer Vagina Concept

The Great Wall of Vagina

International Society of Sexual Medicine has published a study in 2011 on the reasons for a woman to undergo vaginal rejuvenation surgery. Findings were that 87% of the total number of women, did it for purely cosmetic reasons even though this type of surgery is also being performed for functional and reconstructive reasons.
Women need to realise that there is no such thing as a “perfect vagina”. Labia can be met in various sizes and different shapes and each woman is unique. The Great Wall of Vagina, the famous 8 meters sculpture, consists of four hundred plaster casts of vulvas, all of them unique, arranged into ten large panels. Art has proven to be the best way for women to realise the meaning of diversity and uniqueness.

Doctor Nikos Naoum

Why choose Dr.Naoum as your “Vagina Designer”

Dr Naoum is a leader in female genital rejuvenation procedures and surgery. As a gynecologic surgeon and a president of the Greek Association of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Gynecology, Dr Naoum offers the latest and most innovative techniques in the evolving field of cosmetic vaginal surgery. Cosmetic gynecology is an upcoming field, which allows women to take control of their self-confidence by removing esthetic concerns regarding their vaginal appearance. It is important for women to feel as confident and satisfied in their sexuality as possible and Dr. Naoum’s experienced team is here to help.

What does a “Vagina Designer” approach may entail?

A special radiofrequency device is used to melt and mold the fat of the labia area on a deep, cellular level. With this method, Dr.Naoum offers a smooth, compact and rejuvenated labia while avoiding the hassle of a surgery. By performing a “facelift” for the “intimate” area, a lifting, tightening and skin contouring result is obtained.

With the use of the laser technology, we can offer vaginal rejuvenation without the need of a surgery. Dr.Naoum and his team use the special device to tighten and rejuvenate the vagina as well as to improve vaginal dryness and laxity. This results to better sensation during sexual intercourse

Pubic Fat is formed by fat cells like any other part of the female body. Through radiofrequency technology, Dr.Naoum helps women to permanently get rid of the fat by melting away the fat cells as well as to enjoy a more tight skin in the surrounding area. Moreover, once those cells are eliminated, no new fat cells can be developed in their place. This makes the results permanent

By using the most effective medical laser device, Dr.Naoum and his team offer permanently, hair free “bikini area”. This can help women save many hours of daily shaving or waxing per month. With the technology used, the treatment can be equally effective for darker skins and obviously in other body areas, not just the “intimate” one.

Vagina Designer treatments also include whitening procedures, also known as “genital bleaching” or “vaginal/anal bleaching”. With the use of a medical laser, Dr.Naoum and his team lightens the skin around the vagina and/or the anus to match the color of the area. This offers to women a “cleaner” sensation, makes the more attractive for their partner and allows them to feel comfortable during the sexual intercourse.

Autologous Mesotherapy is used for improving the appearance and the skin texture. The same applies to the vagina area. Moreover, Autologous Mesotherapy stimulates the natural growth of nerves, circulation and supportive tissues of the skin. This can be beneficial for women suffering from urinary incontinence, especially because of childbirth or aging process

Dermal fillers injections is one of the most popular facial treatments worldwide. Few women though know that fillers are widely used for labia rejuvenation as well. Dr.Naoum, after receiving special training, is one of the leaders in injecting hyaluronic acid fillers in the labia majora to plump and improve the shape of the area and to offer a more youthful appearance. This treatment is becoming more and more popular as it is completely safe, it is performed within 15 minutes and the results last up to 12 months.

We create completely customized surgery plans for every woman that are adapted to her needs.