We endeavor to improve the quality of life of our female patients by not only restoring their health, but also by having them informed all the time on the latest technologies available in the most ethical manner.

Dr. Nikos Naoum
Reconstructive Gynecology
President of Greek Reconstructive Gynecology Society

Designer Vagina Concept


The new holistic concept
in Cosmetic Gynaecology


Η Κλινική μας

Welcome to our Reconstructive Gynecology Clinic.
Have you considered how unique you are?
We know and understand how unique you are. With our many years of experience and our specialized training we are able to support women in making an informed decision about their beauty and health.
Our practice is dedicated to the promotion of the most qualified and the least invasive Women`s health and aesthetic aspirations. Quality of women’s life is at the forefront of our practice philosophy and we pride ourselves on the quality of care we provide.
We endeavor to improve the quality of life of our patients by not only restoring their pelvic anatomy and function, but by informing them of their options in the latest technologies available in the most ethical manner.
Our Reconstructive Gynecology Clinic strives to be the best place to provide you with safe, quality and personalized care. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you.
We hope this web site will answer many of your questions.






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“Dr. Naoum is not only an excellent surgeon, but also a warm man. After a long search, I finally found the person who listened to me and explained me the solutions that matched. Incontinence kept me away from many daily activities, but now my life returned to its normal form. Thank you very much!”

Maria M., 37 old

“Loss of feeling during erotic action was something that bothered my partner very much and made me ashamed. Correcting this, i have regained my confidence and my erotic life is just … perfect!”

Chysi K., 41 old

“The pain I felt in the sensitive area did not allow me to wear tight trousers I always loved. Nor go to gym or ride a bicycle. Ultimately, the solution was much simpler than I imagined. Now I just enjoy every moment of my day, doing what I like!”

Stelina F., 45 old

“Having birth 2 children and over the years, I was disappointed with the appearance of my “sensitive” area. But I did not want to leave it like that. Dr. Naoum listened me carefully and gave me a result that I would never believe I could have … Finally, I’m still very young and I intend to enjoy my life!”

Lydia P., 52 old


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