O Δρ. Ναούμ παρουσιάζει το Mom Makeover

The first, totally specialized concept for the holistic reconstitution of mothers after giving birth, has come to Greece!

A team of renowned Plastic Surgeons, Gynecologists and Dermatologists, with Dr. Nikolaos Naoum as its head, offers a comprehensive treatment plan, such as abdominoplasty, breast restoration and lifting or vaginaplasty in order to reduce the vagina’s relaxation after childbirth, even the diminishing of stretchmarks at the abdomen or breast or of freckles created on the face due to the hormonal disorders of pregnancy.

So, the modern-age mom does not need to look for 2 or 3 different doctors. Mom Makeover® has grouped all required disciplines and treatments, in a specialized venue, creating a fully personalized plan and protocol for women’s makeover!

Watch all the MOM MAKEOVER services in detail, in the following video