O Δρ. Ναούμ μιλά στη Σταματίνα Τσιμτσιλή για το Mom Makeover

Dr. Naoum gave a very interesting interview to Stamatina Tsimtsili just a few days after she returned on the television set after the birth of her third child. Being a mom herself, she was very interested in learning more about the revolutionary Mom Makeover® project which Dr. Naoum has presented exclusively in Greece and she asked all the questions that interest all moms!

Following the interview, she wrote on her personal blog:

I am a working woman and mother to three children. I know how hard it is for us to find time for ourselves. It is natural that when you become a mother, your first and foremost priority are children. And if you work too, your personal time vanishes! But it is also very important not to forget that you are a woman. At first for your own confidence, but also to keep your relationship with your husband alive.

I was thrilled to learn about Mom Makeover®!  I was told it is «A full makeover after birth»… What does that mean? Can a woman book an appointment and meet the entire team of doctors that her body needs in order to turn it back to how it looked before she had a baby? How hard, how time-consuming and how expensive can this care be? Instead of just wondering, I called in the expert. Dr. Nikolaos Naoum, who is specialized in Cosmetic and Reconstructive Gynecology and the inspirer and creator of Mom Makeover® in our country.

Learn more about MOM MAKEOVER® in the following video