In recent years hyaluronic acid has been an effective weapon in the fight to reverse time in the genetic area.

Hyaluronic acid belongs to the structural materials of the epidermis and the mucous membranes that internally cover the hollow surfaces of the body.

The passage of years causes the level of hyaluronic acid to decrease to such a degree that it is visible on the skin, hence the need for its replenishment, but also in places that are not visible as they are covered by clothing, such as the genetic area. This particular material is a polysaccharide and specifically a glucosaminoglycan that retains the required moisture in the skin, up to 1000 times its weight.

Advances in medical technology have created an injectable hyaluronic acid specifically designed for gynecological use, consisting of stabilized hyaluronic acid and the antioxidant mannitol. It is non-animal and completely biodegradable designed for the female vagina. Available in 2 forms DESIRIAL® and DESIRIAL® PLUS, they are manufactured in France according to all applicable standards and are CE marked in accordance with current regulations.

According to studies conducted on the use of DESIRIAL® 94% of women have improved their quality of life or noticed a significant improvement for at least 6 months after treatment.

93% of women have improved their quality of life or observed significant improvement for at least 12 months after treatment with DESIRIAL® PLUS.

The hyaluronic acid injection procedure is performed in the office, painlessly or using local anesthesia when there is high sensitivity and the treatment results last longer than 12 months.



Your First Visit

We are always pleased to meet new patients! Our goal is always for you to feel welcome and comfortable.
This is a free, personal and confidential consultation visit and will require about 30-60 mins. When you make your first visit, our treatment coordinator will greet you. She will help you complete the patient history form if you have not yet done so. This is also the time to express any concerns you may have related to your health. During your initial visit, you will also learn more about your procedures of interest, what other options are available, and what can be done to help you achieve your goals. At the end of the visit, you will be able to set up your appointment with Dr Naoum. This consultation is offered to our patients free of charge.

Meet with Dr Naoum
Now, it’s time to meet with your surgeon. Expect to talk about:

  • What you want to change about your lady parts, and why you want to change it
  • How you feel about your body now, and how you would like to feel after surgery
  • Your goals: what do you want to look like after surgery, what specific changes would you like to see
  • Which procedure(s), if any, can help you achieve your goals
  • What results you can expect from each procedure
  • What’s involved in the surgery (anesthesia type, incisions, recovery timeframe)
  • The risks and possible complications from surgery
  • Your medical history (be open and honest for your safety)

Meet with your patient coordinator

Your patient coordinator is your liaison between you and the practice. She makes sure your questions are addressed quickly as you consider your options before the treatment / operation chosen as well as throughout your procedure and recovery process. She will also help you with scheduling pre-op appointments, your surgery date, and post-op appointments. At the day of your treatment appointment, your patient coordinator will help you through all the stages of your treatment procedure.

Recovery Τime

After surgery/treatment, you will stay at the clinic for 2 to 3 hours until the medicines wear off. Then you can go home. But you will need to arrange for a ride. Your doctor will tell you when you can eat and do your other usual activities. A care sheet will be given to you with detailed information on how to treat the genital area and how long it will take for you to recover. But each person recovers at a different pace. Follow the steps on the care sheet to get better as quickly as possible.

Caring for our patients during recovery

We strive to provide the highest standard of care in a safe and comforting environment providing an informed recovery phase for patients. As well as our dedicated and experienced nursing staff we also have a valuable team of support staff including 24/7 experienced personnel to answer your post-op questions and needs.
Dr Naoum himself or his medical team will also come to review you during recovery. Our friendly support staff will set up your follow-up visit, during discharge.
Prior to your discharge our experienced nursing staff will discuss with you clear instructions regarding your post operative care and guidelines. Once you have met the “Discharge Criteria”, you will be discharged safely to the care of your relative/support person.