Dr. Naoum at the 4TH WORLD CONGRESS of ESAG

The first worldwide presentation of the Vagitense® method was made by Dr. Nikos Naoum at the 4th World Congress of E.S.A.G. The conference was held on June 26-29, 2019 in Edinburgh.

The European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology (E.S.A.G.) is the leading European professional organization of gynecologists, specializing in aesthetic surgical gynecology.

At the Conference, the President of the Hellenic Society for Cosmetic Reconstructive Gynecology, Dr. Naoum, spoke in detail about the Vagitense® method. A method exclusively applied by Dr. Naoum himself in Greece. And indeed, it is the most modern method of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Gynecology in the world. This method effectively addresses both vaginal laxity and urinary incontinence. These are two common problems that a significant number of women face during pre-menopause and menopause. But younger women face them too, as a result of previous normal births.

Sadly, however, women are very often ashamed to talk about all of this. And remaining in silence, they can’t be informed about the solutions that exist.

In order to inform his audience in a more effective way, the doctor focused on three key points in his presentation of the Vagitense® method:

  1. The significant number of women who could benefit from the method

More specifically, the doctor pointed out that 50% of premenopausal women experience incontinence and 80% of them experience vaginal atrophy. These situations make their lives more difficult, as they cause great discomfort during sex. Concurrent problems, such as vaginal dryness, make the situation even worse. These two problems arise because estrogen levels decrease over time. Also, collagen and elastin are reduced in the body, so the expected relaxation of the perinatal area is also observed.

  1. How exactly the method works

Dr. Naoum explained in detail how the Vagitense® method works. It uses a fractional laser that works with carbon dioxide and causes regeneration of collagen. This neo-collagenation results in immediate and rapid tightening of the vaginal muscles and regeneration of its tissues. So, the problem of vaginal laxity and dryness, but also of incontinence, can be tackled simply and quickly.

  1. The main advantages of the method

Dr. Naoum explained the main advantages of the method in relation to the operations that solved these specific problems in the past by emphasizing its supremacy. It is a treatment that does not require surgical intervention and sedation, lasting only 30 minutes. In relation to pre-existing treatments, the results of which were of short duration, the Vagitense® method ensures long lasting results. And all this with 3-6 applications in 4 weeks and a repetitive application after 1 year.

Another significant difference in quality is that the old interventions and therapies ensured tightening only at the entrance of the vagina. While the Vagitense® method ensures tightening throughout its depth.

however, beside all the important information, the key message of Dr. Naoum was the need for all women to be informed. To learn about the solutions that exist and can change their lives for the better. Thus, breaking the circle of silence about what concerns them “down there” will give them a chance of a really better quality of life.