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How Aesthetic Invasive Gynaecology Gives Solutions

Difficulty or absence of orgasm. This is a problem common to women, who often find it difficult to admit it and are concerned by it. Female orgasm is more difficult to achieve than the male orgasm.  This is an important truth. The percentage of women who find it difficult to achieve orgasm during sex is quite large, approaching 40%. Sexual climax is therefore an issue that concerns many women, even at different stages and ages of their lives.

In the context of Aesthetic Invasive Gynaecology, three new treatments appear to be able to provide a solution for some of the women having these difficulties. Difficulties related to orgasmic climax. Thus, they can maximize the pleasure in the sex life of women who wish to enjoy the greatest pleasure in sex.

The O-Shot and the G-Spot Enlargement are two new treatments that can be used for this purpose.

Dr. Nick Naoum, surgeon-gynecologist, director of the Cosmetic Gynecology Clinic, is the expert who will talk to us about these treatments as he has been applying them very successfully in his clinic.

O-Shot (Orgasm Shot)

The treatment has been named after the word Orgasm and it is something that has started to be applied with interest. This involves the infusion in the clitoris area of hyaluronic acid. It is extracted from the woman’s blood, and after special treatment, it is injected into the clitoral area. The whole procedure is performed with local anesthesia, is painless and does not take more than 20 minutes. It needs to be repeated every 3 to 4 months. The primary goal of treatment is to provide women who have difficulty reaching climax with greater sensitivity to clitoral stimulation. This is something that can facilitate their orgasmic climax or maximize pleasure during sex.

G-Spot (G-spot enlargement)

Much has been written about the G point, located on the anterior inner wall of the vulva, 4-5 cm from the point of entry into the vagina. What is mainly supported is that, when stimulated during sex, it can provide intense stimulation to the woman. That is, it makes her easier to achieve orgasm or ensures a more intense orgasm. In this case hyaluronic acid is infused, which is specific for use in this area.

The treatment for enlarging the G-Spot aims to increase the volume of the spot. This is attempted for two reasons:  First, to make it easier to identify it and secondly, because it has been found that this increases the sensitivity of the area. Therefore, stimulation becomes easier and more intense, which can facilitate the orgasm of the woman.

How effective are these treatments?

These therapies are not recommended as magical remedies to solve a woman’s orgasm problems, which can be due to many different reasons. According to Dr. David Matlock, gynaecologist and head of the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of American, who applies the O-Shot to some women, the treatment seems to work very well and has paved the way for easier and more intense orgasms, clitoral, vaginal, even multiple. Again, according to Batsheve Marcus, in charge of the Medical Centre for Female Sexuality in New York, these treatments seem not to work for some women.

As finally pointed out by Dr. Naoum, these treatments are of great interest, but they do not really bring the same effect to all women. Some may actually see a stunning difference in their orgasmic ability, others just to experience a facilitation and others no benefit. What’s interesting, beyond the target of the orgasm, is that the woman’s sexual pleasure is maximized, whether or not she finds it difficult to reach orgasm. What the doctor finally points out is that these treatments must be administered by a fully qualified and certified physician. That is, a physician who knows the anatomy of the area in the woman’s body and in a fully specialized centre of invasive gynaecology procedures.



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