The new hyaluronic acid injection treatments for vaginal rejuvenation that every woman should know.

A woman’s vagina is a muscular and mucous system and the female hormones in her body act as food for the area, keeping it elastic and moist.  When estrogen drops mainly due to menopause this system is disrupted and problems such as vaginal atrophy and vaginal dryness occur. However, menopause is not the only condition that causes a decrease in estrogen production. Childbirth or breastfeeding, but also medical conditions such as removal of the uterus or ovaries and certain cancer treatments such as hormone therapy or chemotherapy and drugs such as antihistamines can also lead younger women to face these problems, explains Dr. Naoum, Specialist in Reconstructive Gynecology – President of the Hellenic Society of Cosmetic & Reconstructive Gynecology, giving all the information about the new treatments that all women should be aware of.

Explain in simple terms why the vagina ceases to be sex-friendly when a woman’s estrogen levels drop?

When female hormones are disturbed or drop, the hydration in the vaginal area decreases and the muscles relax, so the vagina not only ceases to be sensual but also not at all friendly for intercourse.

Due to the non-elasticity and dryness, sex can go from being uncomfortable to painful. In other words, the so-called dyspareunia may arise. It is something that all women face as they grow older, if they do not take preventive and therapeutic measures if they want to continue to be sexually active. However, I would say that they are not well informed about the treatments that are available.

About what options are they (women) more informed about and less informed about?

Women are informed about vaginal lubricants, vaginal hormone therapies and hormone replacement therapies with oral pills or natural hormones. They usually resort to the lubricant solution because they are afraid of hormone therapies – some women are even not recommended by doctors – since they are associated with a small percentage of gynaecological cancers.

However, they are not well informed about the new non-invasive topical treatments for vaginal rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid that are completely effective and safe. Hyaluronic acid injections have been gaining ground in recent years as a solution to the problem of vaginal dryness and beyond

Is it a specialized hyaluronic acid different from the one used in the face?

In 2014, injectable hyaluronic acid, specifically designed for gynecological use, was launched.

It includes stabilized hyaluronic acid and the antioxidant mannitol (found naturally in products such as olives, blueberries and celery), a combination that reduces the chance of swelling and erythema from the injection. Specialized hyaluronic acid comes in two versions: The first form is suitably formulated to treat vaginal atrophy that causes dryness, itching, dyspareunia, increased likelihood of vaginitis and urinary tract infection. The second form of hyaluronic acid corrects the appearance of labia majora that may have sagging, laxity (from childbirth, major weight loss), atrophy (due to menopause), uneven size (due to anatomy).

Is it an easy and safe procedure?

It is extremely effective, simple and safe procedure. It is done under local anesthesia (with cream) a few hours before the hyaluronic is placed and is practically painless. It takes a few minutes and the woman returns to her daily routine immediately.

What else does a woman need to know about hyaluronic acid injection therapy?

That targeted injections of this special hyaluronic acid can be made at the G-spot of the vagina, with the aim of facilitating and enhancing sexual pleasure. The increase in pleasure is achieved through hyaluronic acid injections into the “G-spot” to swell the area, increasing blood flow and as a result, getting it stimulated.

How long do the effects of hyaluronic acid injection treatments on the female vagina last?

The results last about 12 months and in some cases longer.